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Vote for League Two’s Best New Crest: Group A

By Staff, 04/19/21, 10:00AM EDT


Vote for your favorite crest among new League Two clubs

League Two welcomed plenty of new clubs for the 2021 season, with each one bringing a new name, branding and fan group to the league. Ahead of the 2021 season, we want to hear from you: which new club do you think has the best crest?

16 of our new clubs have been split into four groups, with five days of voting over the course of this week set to determine a winner. Voting kicks off today with Group A representing the Great Lakes Division: Fort Wayne FC, Kalamazoo FC, Toledo Villa FC & Kings Hammer FC. 

Voting for the next three groups will be as follows:

Group B (Tuesday, April 20): New Jersey Copa FC, FC Motown, Morris Elite SC, Real Central New Jersey

Group C (Wednesday, April 21): FC Wichita, St. Louis Scott Gallagher SC, FC Malaga City, PDX FC

Group D (Thursday, April 22): Project 51O, Little Rock Rangers, Round Rock SC, Tampa Bay United

Each group winner will advance to the final round on Friday, with a winner crowned on Monday, April 26. Voting for Group A will close tomorrow, April 20 at 9 am EST. Get to voting!

The winner of Group A with 43 percent of the votes is Fort Wayne FC!

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