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Timbers U23 Player Appearances

By JoAnna Fields, 01/06/20, 2:15PM PST


The Timbers U23 players are college kids from around the world who are spending their summer pursing dreams of soccer in the midst of studying and finding a career. Each player has their own journey and story. We want to give our players a chance to share their story with local students in hopes that they can be encouraged and inspired. 

Players are available to come to your classroom, assemblies, or after-school programs to talk to students about what this journey looks like. Players can play games, give away tickets, stickers, and more. The goal is to create a connection between players and our community, allowing young students to see where their education and dedication can take them. 

This time is about YOUR students. We want to create an experience that is welcoming to all and gets kids involved. If you are interested in sending some players to your school, please fill out the form listed below.

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